Where does Eurospin meat come from? Here is the answer (amazing)

Eurospin is one of the most popular discount stores in Italy

Do you know where the meat you buy from Eurospin comes from? The answer is surprising. Here are the companies that produce it. A detailed article on the site www.wineandfoodtour.it.explains it very well

Not everyone, perhaps, knows exactly where the meat that is sold on the Eurospin shelves comes from.

Discounters in Italy
Italians, especially in this period of inflation and lower purchasing power, go more often to discount stores.

This is precisely due to the fact that the prices of many products are lower than in other types of grocery stores.

Thus, given the rather difficult times, it is natural that many families decide to save as much as possible even on groceries.

Even if, if you want to look, there are those who argue that a discount store is not only the prerogative of the less well-off.

In fact, sometimes it could be considered a smart choice, as you can often find good value for money in these shops.

If we therefore think of ʻsmart shoppingʼ, we could only think of the payoff of a well-known successful discount store.

We are referring precisely to Eurospin which has always tried to offer good products at affordable costs for all budgets.

Eurospin is certainly one of the most widespread discount stores in Italy, given that, at the moment, there are over a thousand points of sale only within the Italian borders.

This famous discount store, moreover, has a fairly long history behind it, given that, as reported, it was born in the now distant 1993.

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