Vice-president of the Order of Nurses announces candidacy for president

The vice-president of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros (OE), Luís Filipe Barreira, announced this Thursday his candidacy for president in the November elections, pledging to present a team that reconciles experience with new ideas.

On this International Nurses Day, I assume that I am advancing with a candidacy for President in the next OE elections, said Luís Filipe Barreira, in a statement sent to the Lusa agency.

The current chairman, Ana Rita Pedroso Cavaco, took office for the first time on January 30, 2016, being re-elected in 2019.

According to the Statutes of the OE, created in 1998, the holders and members of the bodies of the order are elected for mandates with a duration of four years and cannot assume more than two consecutive mandates.

According to the vice-president, who stated that he has been listening to nurses across the country for some time, the OE is now experiencing the end of a cycle, but the work that has been done over the past seven years cannot be wasted.

As far as it depends on me, the work that has been done over the last seven years will not be thrown away, assured Luís Filipe Barreira, noting that he is advancing in this candidacy with a great team that reconciles experience with new ideas and that will be presented in the coming months, as well as your project.

After putting Nursing on the map, giving it a voice and giving Order back to Nurses, the time has come to take a leap forward and move towards new directions, he defended.

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