Tips for good child behavior

* Psychopedagogue Luciana Brites, CEO of Instituto Neurosaber

Encouraging good behavior is essential from early childhood. Undoubtedly, in some cases, the child’s behavior is one of the most complicated problems that parents face. In addition, it is difficult for them to adopt measures that contribute to the good behavior of some children.

Little ones usually learn quickly how they should behave, as long as they receive the right guidance and stimuli. Some simple tips can help parents encourage this behavior in their children.

The first tip: be an example. It’s no use demanding one thing from your child and doing another. It’s important that you set an example for him, so that you use your own behavior to guide him. Children are observant and you serve as a “mirror” so that they know how to behave. So most of the time what you do is more important than what you say.

The second tip is to praise them. We shouldn’t just fight or complain when they do something wrong. When they behave properly, it is essential to give positive feedback.

Another issue is knowing how to listen to your child. Parents should allow the little ones to feel confident in talking and saying what they are feeling, even to serve as a way of venting. It is essential to encourage them to express their opinions and feelings, stimulating dialogue, but you also need to know how to listen.

For good child behavior it is important that you keep promises. Keeping your promises, whether good or bad, makes your child trust you, as it demonstrates that you are committed to what you say and will not let him down.

It is also essential to be firm if the child cries. If parents start to give in when their children start crying or complaining about something, they are indirectly teaching them that they can get what they want through crying. So only say “no” to your child if you really mean it.

Another tip is to focus on positive things. The rules must be clear and objective, according to age, because that way, he can understand and remember the instructions. Also, positive commands often work better than negative ones. For example, saying “Please close the gate” works better than saying “Don’t leave the gate open”.

Following these tips and being in a good mood, parents create a healthy and close environment with their children, in addition to providing fun times.

(*) Luciana Brites is the CEO of Instituto NeuroSaber (, author of books on education and learning disorders, pedagogue, lecturer, specialist in Special Education in the area of ​​Mental Disability and Clinical and Institutional Psychopedagogy by UniFil Londrina and in Psychomotricity from Instituto Superior de Educação ISPE-GAE São Paulo, in addition to being a Master and Doctoral student in Developmental Disorders at Mackenzie.

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