The Canary Islands will receive 63.5 million from the Sánchez agreement to promote FP

The Canary Islands will receive more than 63.5 million euros to consolidate the transformation of Vocational Training, as agreed today by the Council of Ministers and announced a few days ago by the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. The total investment for the implementation of different actions in the field of Vocational Training that consolidate the transformation of the model amounts to 1,307 million euros nationwide, distributed in five agreements that address educational quality, modernization, qualification, professional training for employment and reinforcement of training centers. Specifically, the Canary Islands will receive a first batch of 6.8 million euros, aimed at developing measures to modernize and grow the Vocational Training educational system, which has a global investment of 299 million. This new investment will affect one million people through training actions aimed at workers, accreditation of professional skills, reinforcement of bilingual education or digital training, among others. Within this first game, the Council of Ministers has approved two agreements. On the one hand, an investment of 273.3 million euros, of which 5.2 million correspond to the Canary Islands, earmarked for actions of the VT Modernization Plan, such as the accreditation of professional skills of more than 11,000 people, the creation of bilingual groups, the start-up of 11 applied technology classrooms and the creation of new entrepreneurship classrooms for a total of 72. A territorial cooperation program has also been approved to promote quality actions endowed with 25.7 million, of which the Canary Islands will receive more than 1.6 million euros, which also includes participation in the network of centers of excellence, mobility of teachers and students within and outside Spain and dissemination actions. Qualification of professionals The training of workers is another of the fundamental areas of action of these agreements, which allocate a global investment of 867.2 million euros to actions of Vocational Training for employment, of which the Canary Islands will receive more than 50 million will reach more than 12,500 employed and unemployed workers. Likewise, the Canary Islands will receive another 4.9 million euros to carry out qualification and requalification actions (reskilling and upskilling) that will reach more than 9,000 people. This item has a total investment for all the autonomous communities of 111.5 million, which will benefit more than 203,000 people. Related News standard No This is the money you will receive if you apply for a scholarship for the 2023/2024 academic year ABC standard No School calendar: this is the day classes return after Easter in each autonomous community A.C. In the same way, It has approved more than 1.6 million euros for the islands to the Canary Islands to guarantee the operation of the 58 existing training centers in the region and promote the creation of new centers. In total, this line of investment is endowed with 29.3 million euros for the maintenance of 1,047 training centers throughout Spain and the creation of 314. These centers provide basic digital training to vulnerable people due to age, level of training , place of residence or belonging to groups at risk of exclusion.

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