The atmosphere is lively as thousands guard the king’s passage

Both sides of The Mall, the avenue that connects Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square, are already full, as well as Whitehall, the avenue that leads to Westminster.

A few dozen onlookers risked spending the night out in the open, while the majority began to arrive at dawn and early in the morning from various parts of the country to take a place next to the route.

Many spectators dressed up in t-shirts or hats in the traditional British colors of blue, red and white, wrapped themselves in flags or adopted their own plastic crown.

The atmosphere is lively and many British people came with their families, with children, to observe what they consider to be a historic moment.

However, the dimension and importance of the occasion is reflected in the security operation entitled Orbe Dourada, which mobilized more than 11,000 police.

Dressed in military uniforms, religious attire and medals, the guests began to take their seats in the church after security forces searched the Abbey and surrounding area with trained dogs.

Some of the guests started arriving early, hours before the solemn ceremony, which is scheduled to start at 11:00 am.

The coronation, the first to take place in London in 70 years, will be attended by 2,000 guests, including royalty, heads of state and government and ordinary citizens honored for their contribution to society.

One of the most anticipated moments will be the final procession, between the Abbey and Buckingham Palace, which will involve thousands of soldiers in a school on the Imperial Golden Carriage that will transport King Charles III and Queen Consort, Camilla.

In 1953, the procession after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II stretched for about eight kilometers and attracted three million people, but this time the route was reduced to two kilometers.

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