The action saga that began with Olympus Has Fallen will now have a TV series

The action film franchise that began with the “Olympus Has Fallen” starring Gerard Butler, leading to two sequels, will be turned into a TV series with a proposal which will be known as “Paris Has Fallen”.

The production will have the participation of the French filmmaker and actor Mathieu Kassovitz (Amelie) in the main role, while the screenwriter Howard Overman, creator of “Misfits”, will shape the story of a new agent who is left in the middle of a chaotic situation.

In the original film, the Secret Service must rely on a disgraced ex-agent to save the president after a group of terrorists storm the White House and kidnap the president. The following films increase the escalation, always putting various leaders in check.

For now what is clear is that the filming of this new project will begin at the end of this month in London and Paris, with the companies StudioCanal , Urban Myth Films, Millennium Media and Butler’s G-Base behind the production.

It is also clear that the series will have eight episodes and although Butler is not officially attached to the project as an actor, it has been rumored since the Deadline portal who could make a cameo.

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