Slide where President Boric was trapped was fixed for a modest sum

Revuelo caused by the episode of President Gabriel Boric when he got stuck in a slide in Punta Arenas, during his visit to vote in the election of the constitutional councilors.

“It did not break, it is not broken”, was what was mentioned a few days ago by the mayor Claudio Radonich, who explained that this slide comes in parts, and the last one came off the structure located in Plaza Progreso. During the week, municipal officials went to the sector to fix the children’s game.

“There is a report confirming that what had happened is that (the structure) had separated. It was solved with six 15-millimeter bolts, so that it would come back together”, indicated Radonich.

The community chief also explained that this arrangement had a value of $3,000, given that these six units are priced at $500 each.

“If it had broken there it would have been a bigger issue, because these modular type games are not sold separately. If it had happened, we would have no problem taking collection actions from those who broke it, but in this case it was not like that, “explained the mayor.

Finally, the mayor confirmed that he received and responded to a letter from Deputy Johaness Kaiser, who demanded a report with the costs of the damage to the slide.

Source: ElPinguino.

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