Not you Maria Leon! The singer is wrong in the National Anthem and apologizes

The singer María León joined a long list of celebrities who have changed the lyrics to the Mexican National Anthem.The former member of Playa Limbo stood on the diamond of the stadium Alfredo Harp Helú before the second game of the Mexico City Series. In the match between San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants and apparently her nerves betrayed her.

In the first stanza of the creation of Francisco González Bocanegra (Lyrics) and Jaime Nunó (Music), the interpreter had her mistake, instead of saying “by the finger of God it was written” sang “a soldier of God was written”, a small mistake, which some fans noticed to boo.

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However, María León did not shrink and continued with her interpretation so that later the “Play Ball” was sung to begin the second commitment of this historic series, since it is the first time that official matches have been held of Major League in Mexico City.

Someone forgot the anthem at the Harp Helú! 😰

María León did not do very well in her presentation at the #MLB #MexicoCitySeries ⚾️

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