Mónica Farro suffered an accident on the Buenos Aires route: “We almost killed each other”

Mónica Farro experienced a terrible moment on the Argentine route. The Uruguayan actress suffered an unexpected accident in the Panamericana and shared it on social networks. “The fucking mother”, she wrote in a video that shows how part of the wheel of the car she was driving came off.

“And suddenly you come from Panamericana and this happens. And you don’t fart shit, ”she said the vedette in the Instagram stories. Later, she thanked the messages she received from the users and recounted what happened in great detail

“My husband and my husband’s son almost killed us in Panamericana. Tell them that we are fine. Grateful to God and the Virgin, to San Expedito, to the angels, to whoever saved us at that moment because we could have killed the three of us, ”she began.

“Suddenly you go 130 km in Panamericana, you run out of wheels and you can’t stop. Thank God nothing happened, we were able to go quickly to the side, brake to the right, without anyone hitting us, without tipping over, without turning around and praying that nothing happens,” he added.

About the end, Mónica Farro reflected with some heartfelt words: “Grateful to life you have to live for today, tomorrow we don’t know what will happen. You have to be thankful for breathing every day, thankful for getting up every day and you have to try to be happy every day, that life is today”.

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