Mhoni Vidente sees that Yolanda Andrade was subjected to witchcraft

In recent days the health of Yolanda Andrade has been compromised to the point that she was hospitalized in an emergency; however, fortunately she is already at home recovering.

Recently, Yolanda Andrade, 51 years old, revealed to the press that added to what is happening to her, she has been struggling with her left eye for 7 years due to a *100008 *aneurysm.

It should be noted that an intracranial aneurysm, like the one Yolanda Andradehas, can “leak, rupture, and cause fatal bleeding.”

Although she herself assures that doctors told her that through medication and care she will recover, she will make decisions about her health and her life since now it is her biggest priority.

Mhoni Vidente assumes that Yolanda Andrade was bewitched

Because the health of Yolanda Andrade has many people worried, in a new tarot reading for her section in the Heraldo de México , Mhoni Vidente assured that behind the driver’s discomfort is witchcraft.

“I don’t see anything happening to her, she’s going to recover, I don’t see any symptoms of cancer,” said Mhoni Vidente, 46, to later assure that it is a matter of witchcraft

“I do see a symptom of witchcraft, it’s a matter of witchcraft Yolanda, it’s a negative energy,” he added and even blamed Verónica Castro, 70 years old, as she assures that she fell headlong when speaking of karma.

This is because the veteran actress on the day Yolanda Andrade was hospitalized reflected on karma, implying that the driver was having a hard time as a result of her bad actions.

“The one who jumped was Verónica Castro, there are many people who are fighting with Yolanda or bring her courage”, she stressed to later ensure that so much negative energy endangers the spiritual stability of the driver and could even even end in madness or severe headaches.

Mhoni Vidente offers help to Yolanda Andrade

On the other hand, sure that it is about witchcraft and that the main suspect is Verónica Castro since in her past she happily sang “Macumba” because she knew the meaning.

“I’m going to send you something to get rid of that witchcraft”, he promises to finally ensure that Yolanda Andrade will soon resume recordings while starting treatment for ulcers, which are also very dangerous because of this producer Magda Rodríguez died.

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