Maya the Bee, the sweet that celebrates World Bee Day

There is no better way to celebrate industrious little bees than to taste some of their nectar. If it is expertly combined with passion fruit, mango and white chocolate, it is sublime. The occasion is May 20, International Bee Day, established to raise public awareness of the importance of pollinators and the danger of pollution and chemical pesticides for their survival. Chef Filippo Sinisgalli wanted to create a sweet tribute in honor of the small industrious insects by entrusting his young pastry chef Alice Vialetto with the task of creating a themed dessert. The cheerful and delicate touch in composing “Maia the Bee” is Alice’s, a playful dessert in flavors and textures between creamy and crunchy, studied down to the smallest detail, beautiful to the eye and symbol of the perfect balance of nature in terms of shapes and flavours, where the bee is celebrated in all its activities, from nest building to pollination.

Maia the Bee, the dessert for tasting at the Zur Kaiserkron Restaurant

Il nido is a creamy honey with passion fruit, mango and honey. The daisy is a pastry basket with a white chocolate button filled with pineapple and very delicate white chocolate petals. The small honeycomb is made up of two browned meringue shells filled with diced mango. To refresh a quenelle of pineapple and mango sorbet with salted caramel. Ape Maia can only be tasted at the Zur Kaiserkron Restaurant in Bolzano in Piazza della Mostra 1.

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