May Day, sustainable values ​​and actions: the challenges of young people to realize themselves through work

On Monday 1 May, Bishop Francesco will celebrate Mass for the world of work within a company. This year the chosen place is Nts Spa in Lallio, a company specialized in the construction of molds and the molding of articles in plastic material. Mass will be celebrated at 3.30 pm in the spaces in via Morletta 10/12.

We asked Marco Manzoni, managing director of Nts and vice president of Confindustria Bergamo, for a reflection.

Young people are the present: every entrepreneurial action must take them into account in its Governance in order to act concretely in business continuity and actually implement a generational synergy that allows to generate value and growth over time.

If the company grows, so does its culture, the wealth generated, the community of its people. Entrepreneurs, managers together with their respective collaborators must think they are responsible “custodians” of something they received from the generation that preceded them and commit themselves to handing the company back to the generation that follows them, in a sustainable way and with high ethical values, in line with the ESG indications that EU directives increasingly require of us.

So every company must “meet” and “listen” to young people right from the time they are in school (there are many tools: PCTO projects, alternation, internships or apprenticeships, apprenticeships) and accompany them in their training and professional framework, allowing them to experiment with jobs in which to discover and express their respective talents, balancing flexibility imposed by the market with work contracts for young people that are serious and planned according to achievable and progressive objectives.

Of course, if article 1 of our Constitution states the foundation on Work as a right that our system promotes, article 4 however also indicates the HOW, i.e. “Every citizen has the DUTY to carry out, according to their possibility and one’s own choice, an activity or function that contributes to the material or spiritual progress of society” for which I tell the young people that there must also be an awareness on their part of the DUTY to commit themselves, even with sacrifice and effort, to achieving his profession with healthy ambition. The Orobic land teaches us with many examples that to reach the summit you must take the uphill road, I have never seen the opposite.

The historical moment is propitious for the opportunity for changes even in the face of economic difficulties: companies are increasingly obliged to be managed according to systems governed by structured Governance and to communicate not only costs and revenues in their balance sheet reports, but also the HOW makes profit, with what sustainable values ​​and actions and in this evolution there is a lot of room for improvement of working conditions, which also means safety and innovation, sustainability and attention to human aspects and therefore not only production performance. The glass is half full, let’s learn to see it: young people are our present and everyone, in their respective generations, must think beyond themselves by committing themselves to finding profitable mediations and synergies to materialize solid foundations for a better future.

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