Luxembourg: an hour of work costs 50.7 euros on average

Statec published in the seventh issue of its review Regards, the results of its survey on the cost of labor in Luxembourg. On average, it amounts to 50.7 euros/h.

The hour worked remains expensive in Luxembourg, writes Statec. In 2022, the average cost of labor in Luxembourg is 50.7 euros per hour worked.

Disparities are notable depending on the sector. It is highest in finance (88.3 euros) and lowest in Horeca and administrative and support service activities where they are well below average, with respectively 30.3 euros and 31.4 euros. The average cost is
32.4 euros in the construction sector and 44 euros in industry.

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On average, 86.3% of total employer labor costs are gross wages and salaries. Among these costs, the major part (67.4% of the total cost) is paid to employees with each pay in the form of direct compensation for days worked, bonuses or allowances.

The hourly cost had increased sharply between 2016 and 2020, around 5.12% per year on average, an observation which must however be
nuanced by the impact of the 2020 pandemic and the decrease in hours actually worked during this period, further specifies the institute.

According to the latest estimates, the average hourly cost would have continued to increase by an average of 3.53% per year between 2020 and 2022 for the whole economy. Luxembourg has the highest hourly labor cost among EU Member States.

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