In Cannes, Jane Fonda took out the sun rags from her colleagues

Jane Fonda assured at the Cannes Film Festival that she only wants to do roles that challenge her as an actress, although she doesn’t know exactly what they would be, since she doesn’t have time to think about it because she’s busy fighting the climate crisis, which is also linked to racism and patriarchy.

Invited to have a meeting with the public at the 76th edition of the Festival, Fonda stressed that there are still reasons to have hope for humanity, although that we only have 6 or 7 years to halve the use of fossil fuels.

And regarding those responsible for those industries, she sent a message without mincing words about her, as is her habit: we have to arrest these men.

Fonda, with a long career of activism, explained that he currently has no projects except confronting the climate crisis and that, since a very important presidential election is coming up in the United States, next year and a half is going to be just focused on that.

Through this fight, he said, he also fights racism and patriarchy, because they are factors directly implicated in the climate crisis, whose roots come from thinking of the world hierarchically, with white men at the bottom. height of the pyramid.

The 85-year-old actress and daughter of the interpreter Henry Fonda, reviewed in Cannes some of the most significant roles of her career, such as that of ‘Barbarella’ in 1968, about which she shared funny anecdotes about the filming of the scenes in which he appears flying. She believed that we were doomed to infertility, she joked about the structure to keep the actors in the air.

There is a striptease that the director promised would be covered by the credits and it wasn’t. But we’re not married anymore, he also mentioned the film by Frenchman Roger Vadim.

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Fonda told how Bree Daniels, the prostitute she plays in ‘Klute’ (1971), helped her become a true feminist when, in the scene where she is going to be attacked by the film’s murderer, she thought of all the women who had beaten and killed by men and began to cry.

They were tears of sadness, she said, but she also remembers being happy because she was understanding what feminism is.Later, watching the stage play ‘The Vagina Monologues’ (by Eve Ensler) she felt that she really happened to be a feminist personified. If you’re in a marriage that isn’t really authentic where you can’t really be you, you can be a feminist theoretically but you can’t be a feminist personified, said Fonda, who was married three times.

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The conversation did not leave out her companions and screen companions, such as Robert Redford. I was in love with him, I made four films and in three I was in love with him, she confessed, although Redfor -whom she still considers a good person despite having a problem with women- was always in a bad mood and she he always thought it was his fault.

I finally knew that I had grown up (in the fourth movie) because when I would arrive on set three hours late and be in a bad mood I knew it wasn’t my fault, the always scathing actress quipped.

Despite being in Cannes, Fonda was also not shy when asked about one of the sacred figures of French cinema, Jean-Luc Godard: he was a great filmmaker, hats off, but as a man? Sorry no.

Of all the couples on her screen, Fonda was clear when choosing the best. Lily Tomlin is my favorite man to work with in the movies, she assured her about her co-star in the series ‘Grace and Frankie’, among other productions.

Fonda also elaborated on her activist side, which is something that gave her life a meaning that Hollywood never did, a world she says she doesn’t really feel a part of. Her support for the ‘#MeToo’ movement, the fact that she is not proud of having had cosmetic surgery at one point in her life, and her current routine of eating healthy, playing sports, staying curious, and sleeping a lot were some of the other highlights. highlights of the talk at the Palacio de Festivales.


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