How much do you know about ginger? With this quiz you will know its benefits

You may be familiar with ginger as an ingredient that adds an exotic touch to food. But beyond this, you should know that it is also used with a natural remedy, being one of the most effective that exists due to its various beneficial properties for health.

Yes, and ginger is known to be the basis of many home remedies to treat the symptoms of the flu or common cold because it has expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects. If you are unaware of the other benefits of this ancient plant, we leave you a quiz with questions and answers to help you discover its benefits.

· Why does ginger help fight flu symptoms?

It is a rich source of vitamins B and C that help revive the body’s defenses, in the company of antioxidants that allow the expulsion of viruses such as the common cold.

· Does ginger have anti-inflammatory properties?

Yes, it is a great natural anti-inflammatory both topically and internally. Therefore, it is ideal for treating coughs and sore throats caused by the flu. It is also a great help to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints due to injuries, fluid retention or excessive exercise. It also helps alleviate the symptoms of an inflamed prostate, helping patients with cancer in that area or who present prostatitis.

·        Did you know that ginger root helps digestion?

Accompanying food with this miraculous root not only offers that exotic touch that you like so much, but also helps to better process foods seasoned with it. Or if you prefer, you can ingest a warm ginger infusion with the same result: help the stomach.

· Do you know that it relieves the symptoms of gastritis and heartburn?

Its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties also help prevent heartburn, helping to eliminate excess gas in the body.

· How does it help prevent cancer?

The anticancer properties lie in its active component, gingerol. Among the properties that this component has is the elimination of cancer cells in different areas, especially in the colon and rectum.

· Does it help combat dizziness?

It is a natural antiemetic, so it helps in case of symptoms such as nausea caused by dizziness. In addition, it is very useful for pregnant women because it also has relaxing properties for the nervous system that help regulate and stabilize symptoms.

Now that you know all about ginger you should start including it in your daily diet. Not only will you give your meals more flavor, but you will also benefit your body.

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