Fulvio Stefanini reveals that he ended up in the ICU

SÃO PAULO, SP (UOL/FOLHAPRESS) – Fulvio Stefanini, 83, revealed this Thursday (25) at the Meeting that in 2020 he was hospitalized for 16 days, four of them in the ICU, with a bacterial infection.

He contracted the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus: It was an infection caused by a bacteria that lives in our skin, we all have it. But if you have low immunity, it can enter your circulation, and that’s what happened to me, said the actor.

Michelle Loreto, presenter of Bem Estar, asked if he had any wounds on his skin through which the bacteria could have entered, and he confirmed that he had a bruise on his elbow: I kept removing the scab!

Fulvio got sick at home and was helped by his son: I said: my son, take me to the hospital now. I had a feeling I was going to die, he recalled.
If I had taken longer, if I had delayed my trip to the hospital a little longer, maybe I wouldn’t be here.

Fulvio Stefanini

He has no memory of the time he spent in the hospital: I know I went to the ICU, later I found out. But I didn’t remember anything. They took me to an apartment before the ICU and I don’t remember the apartment, I don’t remember who attended to me, nothing.

The actor needed to continue the treatment at home: I ended up staying another 12 days in the hospital, 16 days in all, with antibiotics and everything. After physiotherapy, I went home with home care, I continued treating myself.

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