Domestic violence: I did not see that she was attached to the car

The 40-year-old was convicted of domestic violence by the Saint-Malo court. He will have to wear an electronic bracelet for 6 months, at home. ©DR

It is a terrified plaintiff who appears before the court of Saint-Malo this Thursday, May 4, 2023. In tears at the bar, she still seems frightened by her former partner, sitting a few meters from her, on the bench of defendants.

This man, now 46 years old, she met him when their respective children left school. It was love at first sight and then a descent into hell for three years of “hellish couple life”in the midst of their six children gathered in Saint-Malo or Quessoy in the Côtes d’Armor.* 100006*

Three years marked by numerous episodes of domestic violence, she says.

“It was unintentional”

Once, he would have dragged her with his car by blocking her arm by the window of the door. “He finally let go of me and I fell on a rock.”

The defendant claims that “it was involuntary”.

We were arguing, she was banging the mirrors, so I started and drove off. I hadn’t seen that she was attached to the car.

Another time, he allegedly doused her with gasoline before threatening to set her on fire, lighter in hand. “No, I was the one threatening to kill myself with white spirit. I wanted to scare him”, still denies the former partner.

“Never in his direction”

When the president of the Saint-Malo court, Florian Duvanel, asks him if he threw various objects across the room when the couple was arguing, the defendant admits it. But, he immediately clarifies, “I never threw them in his direction”.

His belt undone

Another episode recounted at the hearing, he would have unfastened the seatbelt of his campaign before going to crash their car into a safety rail.

No, I fell asleep at the wheel. And then, I drive without a license, do you think I would have caused an accident on purpose?

A crushed hand

There’s also that crushed hand under the door… “It’s an accident.” She was behind the door, on her knees, when I opened it,” he denies again and again.

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Throughout the hearing will also be mentioned sexual and psychological violence. “He wanted to handle everything. He had my bank card, my phone, the keys to the mailbox, ”says the complainant.

By his side in the hospital

Every time she went to the emergency room, he was there by her side. “I couldn’t tell the truth to the doctors, I was afraid that he would attack me”, she justifies to explain why she did not denounce the domestic violence earlier.

Word against word

Forensic doctor and expert psychiatrist have noted injuries and evoke traumas which can corroborate the accusations of the victim. “But their findings also leave the door open to accidents,” recalls the prosecutor.

In this file, “the only tangible element is the 15 days of ITT which he was prescribed for psychological suffering”.

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For the rest, it’s word against word. “I’m not going to tell you he’s a perfect man,” his lawyer introduces.

But my client has always been consistent in his statements. He acknowledged inappropriate behavior and arguments, but at no time was he intentionally violent. He never wanted to harm Madame. Two opposing versions. There is no witness. Nothing in this file allows us to doubt his statements.

“She made it all up out of revenge.”

The gendarmes, who intervened several times at the couple’s home for suicide attempts by the complainant, never found anything either. If not the plaintiff, often drunk and vociferous about her partner.

“She made it all up out of revenge, just because I left her because of our toxic relationship,” defended the defendant.

“She sought revenge by also accusing him of acts of violence and sexual assault on her three children.The investigation showed that it was false, “continues his lawyer who pleaded for release.

Electronic bracelet

The court of Saint-Malo had another reading of the facts.The 40-year-old was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months in prison arranged at home under electronic surveillance.He must, during this period, wear an electronic bracelet and respect exit times.

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