Current trends in human resources, a look at mental health.

Current trends in human resources, a look at workers’ mental health


In recent years, the role of human resources in looking after the mental health of workers has gained increased importance. This is because the mental health of employees can affect their productivity, their ability to work, their job satisfaction and, ultimately, the success of the company itself. As a result, companies are taking steps to improve the mental health of their employees and foster a healthy work environment. It’s not just in HR anymore. Fortunately, mental health is beginning to gain importance in all aspects of our lives.


One of the current trends is the rise of wellness care in the workplace. Many companies, such as TECH CONSULTANCY MANAGEMENT PARTNERS (TCMP) are investing in programs that promote the physical and mental well-being of employees. This may include offering gyms, yoga classes, alternative therapies and massage therapists. These programs seek to help workers reduce stress, improve their physical fitness and ultimately improve their overall mental health.


Another trend is the promotion of a work culture that supports employees’ mental health. This means that companies are looking to foster a work environment where workers are listened to and respected, collaboration is encouraged and diversity is valued. Companies are taking steps to ensure that employees feel valued and safe at work, which can improve their mental health and job satisfaction.


Another strategy that is gaining traction is the promotion of time management and work-life balance. Companies are offering flexible hours and the option to work from home, allowing employees more time for personal and family responsibilities, which can reduce stress and anxiety. These measures can also help improve productivity and reduce turnover.


Regarding mental health, companies such as TECH CONSULTANCY MANAGEMENT PARTNERS (TCMP) are recognizing the importance of providing mental health services to their workers, and are offering counselling, psychological support and emotional wellness programs. These services can help employees cope with work challenges and problems, and help them deal with personal issues that may affect their mental health, which has been hit hard in the pandemic and is also reaching companies, hand in hand with Human Resources. Since 2021, mental health problems have been the second reason for absenteeism, always with a longer duration than other illnesses.



Human Resources departments have had to take action, and emotional pay has been placed at the centre of the strategy of Human Resources professionals, who have adopted measures to seek comprehensive wellness that allows them to deal with stress, family problems and other diverse needs, supporting them with appropriate programs that can impact them and their environment. These actions also have a direct impact on work performance.



Finally, current human resources trends are focused on improving the mental health of workers through programs that promote wellness, a healthy work culture, balanced time management and counselling services, such as those provided by TECH CONSULTANCY MANAGEMENT PARTNERS (TCMP).


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