Backpack Festival for children and young people in the Algarve including new circus

Second to the organization, in a statement, the third edition of this festival, which runs on May 14, will have representations of companies such as the Praga Theater and the LAMA Theater (which it organizes), as well as musicians such as B Fachada and Noiserv.

The Mochila took place, this year, in three cities in the Algarves, after Faro it received the two first editions.

The program included shows of theatre, music, new circus and installations, some of which are free, in various cultural spaces in Faro, Lagos and Loulé, a total of 17 artistic proposals dedicated to children and young people, from two entrance fees free.

According to the note, the festival reinforces its international dimension, with three shows by foreign artists and companies.

This year’s edition of Mochila opens with On Air, by the Italian Andrea Fidelio, a ‘one man show’ that the organization assures is full of humor and intended for all ages, with free performances in Faro and the Island da Culatra (fish community in a parish that also belongs to the capital of the Algarve).

The international representation continues with two shows by Spanish companies, also presented free of charge: A La Fresca, by the Anna Confetti Company, aimed at people over 6 years of age, and Full House, by Eléctrico 28, for all ages.* 100012*

The program still includes various Portuguese artists and theater companies, such as Teatro Praga (with the show Hamlet sou eu), teatromosca (with Odeio a minha irmã), Giacomo Scalisi (with Não), Mákina de Cena (with Viagem ao centro da terra) and LAMA Teatro (with Carripana and three shows presented in the national star).

When offering music, there will be a concert for children from B Fachada in Loulé, or concerto Mais Alto!, raised by musicians Afonso Cabral, Francisca Cortesão, Inês Sousa and Sérgio Nascimento, presented in Faro, and also at an installation Sound for all ages, conceived by musician Noiserv for the public space, in Faro, in Jardim da Alameda.

O Mochila will still be, in various streets of the city of Faro, small performances carried out by the ‘gang’ of Mochilas, throughout the period in which the festival runs, a project that involves young people in school age.

Second to the organization, with the objective of promoting the dialogue around various quests that involve young people, the 2023 edition of the festival also promotes the debate If you want to send or what would you change… at school?, with Participation by Inês Rosa, Nádia Torres, Joana Franco, Luís Campião and Teresa Aleixo and moderation by João de Brito.

The Mochila Festival has been held since 2021 and has as its main objectives the promotion of the decentralization of the cultural offer, the democratization of access to a multidisciplinary artistic program of quality, developed by leading national and international companies and artists; and the training of the public and the communities for the development of critical thinking about the contemporary world.

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