And then Messina Denaro…. The shocking delirium against Colosimo

In recent days Chiara Colosimo has ended up at the center of endless controversies by some opposition parties who did not like her election as president of the Antimafia commission. In particular, the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement indulged in the light of the news about an event from the past, or the presence at an event with the former Nar Luigi Ciavardino. The exponent of the Brothers of Italy has already clarified, yet there are those who have gone as far as a shocking comparison that speaks for itself.

The shocking comparison

It was the columns that hosted the poisonous declarations of La Repubblica, which gave voice to one of those who didn’t like Colosimo’s choice at the Antimafia. We are talking about Paolo Bolognesi, president of the victims’ association of August 2, 1980, who didn’t think twice before launching a frontal attack with somewhat questionable tones. Even bringing up the boss, arrested in recent months, and considered among the most dangerous people in the world.

It might as well have put Matteo Messina Denaro directly in the presidency of the Anti-Mafia commission, it was the very harsh consideration in following the election of the FdI deputy to lead the body. A move that in his opinion does not help and which represents a serious precedent as there are material links that are emerging between fascists and mafia, we have confirmation of this every day.

Beyond individual opinions and any legitimate doubt, but one question cannot be avoided: was it really necessary to make such a parallelism?

Colosimo’s clarification

For his part, Colosimo confessed that he certainly did not expect the controversies from the associations of the victims’ families: I would like to meet them soon. He said that the story hurt her, given that a surreal narrative was carried forward that is portraying her as a monster: I am not a friend of the former member of Nar Luigi Ciavardini and I hope not to repeat it again. He explained that he had met Ciavardini on the occasion of initiatives with the association run by his wife, in which he was obviously also involved.

Colosimo, interviewed by La Stampa, said she was surprised and admitted that the photos can give the impression of a certain confidence. In fact, it’s not an institutional pose, she acknowledged. In these hours the thesis is circulating from the left according to which his profile would not be suitable for such an important position, but on this point the exponent of the Brothers of Italy has invited us to let the facts speak as a true test bench to testify his own ability.

Her will is to respond to the accusations of inadequacy by carrying out her role in the best possible way, convinced that the Anti-Mafia is a matter to be dealt with everywhere and not only in court: I turn 37 on 2 June and perhaps my role will also be to speak to those generations who risk seeing the mafia as something distant in time. Does anyone wish he would not go to the August 2nd celebrations? On this too Colosimo replied by going into the merits: The president of the Anti-Mafia commission must be there and I would like to be there. It is obvious, however, that I will not take any steps to cause pain to the family members.

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