Admitted for processing a judicial complaint for possible prevarication in the City Council of Real Sitio (Segovia)

A court of first instance in Segovi a has taken charge of the investigation after the complaint filed by three Popular Party councilors last December was admitted for processing, considering the existence of possible crimes of prevarication, document falsification and embezzlement by of the mayor of the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso, Samuel Alonso, according to the information provided by the PP of the municipality and collected by Ical. This complaint is not related to the request for reports by another court at the beginning of May, before the start of the electoral campaign, which was carried out by several Civil Guard agents who took boxes from the Town Hall. In this case, it is a complaint from the Popular Party group that they filed in December and “a week ago and at the judicial request, we ratified ourselves.” From the Popular Party of the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso, according to these media, the complaint affects a file of municipal taxes for this company. The Popular Party warned the mayor that his way of proceeding was “manifestly illegal”, since “technicians from the town hall, at the direction of the mayor, ‘laundered’ the file a posteriori, changing the tax figure and leaving an invoice at 4,500 euros that It should have meant 44,500 euros”, collected. The ediles of the Popular Party detailed that, between September 23 and November 4, the company Roke Travel Factory, was in the area of ​​Puerta la Reina, the parking lot of the electrolinera, to turn it into a set for the presentation of the new Renault Austral . All this area was reserved exclusively for the company as well as another second space, in the Fuente de Chamberí, where the area for caravans, tents and others were located as logistics for the event. The goal is for specialized journalists, influencers and Youtubers to pass through La Granja for 40 days to test the new car and make it known in specialized media. According to his version, the illegality resides in the fact that they consider that the technical services did not correctly settle the file when applying Ordinance 12, which regulates the fees for the installation of stalls, booths, sales booths, shows, attractions or recreation, located on land for local public use, as well as street and itinerant industries and film shooting. For the Popular Party, based on this rate, the treasurer liquidates the company, 3,000 euros, but then, a month later, a second report is written in which the treasurer is told that a complementary liquidation of 1,500 euros more, always under the concept of ‘liquidation for authorization for film shooting’. The PP councilor at the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso City Council, Juan Carlos Gómez Matesanz, explained that they had difficulties but they were finally provided with the file and they presented a series of questions on this matter, in the first days of November last year. Related news standard No Tudanca defends the mayor of the Real Sitio after the investigation opened by an ABC court The general secretary of the PSOE of Castilla y León points out that before other elections there were complaints that came to “nothing” In that letter, the popular group He stressed that the settlement made was well below what is prescribed in ordinance number 12, which states that it is not possible to subsidize the amounts that fall under this tax figure and sets a daily amount of 523.24 euros for each urban space used. “According to our accounts, therefore, there are two urban spaces used, that is, 1046.64 euros, for 42 days of occupation of public roads for filming, 44,499.64 euros in total.” The final question is clear and direct to the mayor to find out why it was settled for a tenth of that amount, for 4,500 euros. The councilors of the PP argued that “the most serious irregularity” is that, once the claim has been presented, from the consistory and “by indication of the mayor”, three more reports are added to the file on November 9, two from the technical architect municipal and another from the treasurer, with a change in the tax figure and “launder” the discount applied. «In other words, what was an action that falls squarely within rate 12, of commercial promotion and filming, is carried out tortuously and without any hint of reality, once the city council sees that we have detected the irregularity-, yet another rate cheap, number 10, designed for construction activities, which makes it possible to justify that what should have been settled for 44,500 euros remains at 4,500 euros, “explained Gómez Matesanz. In his letter, the PP of the Real Sitio indicated that, if it is bad that a municipality ruined by decades of socialist mismanagement gracefully pardons 40.000 euros to a company, it is completely intolerable and he described it as “a collusion between the mayor and technicians to apply

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