VIDEO. Heritage: a former policeman passionate about history becomes the guide of the Château de Beynac in Dordogne

Portrait of a man who left everything to take full advantage of his passion: History. By becoming the guardian of this medieval jewel of the Périgord Noir, he tells the anecdotes he knows in great detail. It takes us through the twists and turns of the emblematic fortress of Beynac-et-Cazennac.

Sylvain Louagie begins a new experience with a profound change. This former policeman decided to change his life and start a new chapter. He is now the guide of the Château de Beynac, one of the most prestigious and famous monuments in the department.

My office is quite nice. The view from the office window is not bad too. Indeed, I have an extraordinary life!

Sylvain Louagie, guide of the Château de Beynac

in France 3 Périgords

Each morning, armed with a bunch of old keys, it is a real privilege for him to open the heavy doors of the building. He now knows every corner of it. This nearly thousand-year-old castle and this history enthusiast have found each other. Sylvain had known him for more than twenty years, but it was last year that he decided to quit everything to come and work at the Château.

Sylvain Louagie, guide at the Château de Beynac, enjoys a spectacular panorama every day 152 meters above the Dordogne.

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