Tigre fans stoned their team’s microphone when they confused it with that of San Pablo

Tigre fans stoned their team’s bus when they confused it with the one carrying players from San Pablo / Photo: Twitter @SC_ESPN. Tigre fans stoned their own team’s bus when they confused it with the one that had to transport the players from São Paulo to Brazil, ahead of the Copa Sudamericana match in the northern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs. The fact was revealed by the players themselves on their social networks, since the local soccer player Agustín Cardozo published a photo on the IG account, where he shows the shattered glass of the bus, a stone in his hand and wrote the caption: “rescue yourselves, it’s us.” The stones caused damage to some of the windows of the bus but did not hurt any member of the delegation / Photo: Twitter. The match in Victoria is considered high risk, since, in the 2012 South American Cup, there was a confrontation between the São Paulo security forces against the Tigre players in the final of the tournament. For this reason, the Prevention Agency against Violence in Sports (Aprevide), implemented a device with 660 police officers and established that San Pablo fans will enter Avenida Del Libertadores and Guido Spano only with tickets purchased in advance and on their way to the field they will be accompanied by the Police of the city and the province of Buenos Aires. INCREDIBLE! Tigre’s bus, stoned on his arrival at the stadium in Victoria. The Matador fans confused their own delegation with those of San Pablo! pic.twitter.com/LfGKNHnbbH— SportsCenter (@SC_ESPN) April 6, 2023 In addition, the security agency had the cooperation of the São Paulo State Police Station for the Repression of Crimes in Sports to apply the right of admission to the fans from Brazil.

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