The mountains of the Marches are presented together for the first time

Together for the first time: the districts of the Montagna delle Marche have in fact decided to start working together, structuring a new special tourism promotion project with Marche Outdoor. Today the project was presented in a press conference at the Marche Chamber of Commerce in Ancona. The director of the Agency for tourism and internationalization of the Marche Region Marco Bruschini, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Marche Gino Sabbatini were present; the mayors of Sarnano, Ussita, Frontone; the representatives of the ski areas Michele Oradei (Monte Catria), Fabrizia Luchetti and Federico Scaramucci (Rifugio Chalet Principe Corsini Monte Nerone), Francesco Cangiotti (Bolognolaski and Frontignano), Andrea Silipo (Sarnano Sassotetto).

«The main road for the growth and development of the Marches is concertation – explained the director Bruschini today – therefore the union in a single brand of the 5 mountain districts of the Marches is certainly excellent news. It was a spontaneous concerted action between individuals and the mayors under the control of the Region and Atim to give a strong and positive message: getting together means going to tourism fairs together and promoting together the right role that the Marche it is also in the summer and winter mountain tourism sector. The Region and Atim strongly believe in a unitary project that promotes the sea, the hills and the mountains with our villages, food and wine and manufacturing as a whole. This is why we had the idea of ​​making our mountain known to tourists by the sea and we will ask for the collaboration of the bathing establishments. Record figures from the past season and excellent Easter numbers despite inclement weather are encouraging and extremely positive and bookings for the summer are on their way. The hope is to improve from year to year and with this teamwork we can do it».

«The mountain is one of the elements that make up the varied offer of hospitality in the Marches – added the president Sabbatini – which in its multiplicity always offers nature, culture, food and wine and beauty for a 360-degree well-being of the tourist. Speaking of the mountains, I would mention two elements: the presence in the reference areas of various important parks, with respect to which we are developing a unitary promotion project with the Marche Region and Atim; also in this case the union makes us stronger. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that visiting hills and mountains and making them come alive is good for those who visit them but also for the economies, for the communities of those who live there or could return to live there. The famous inland areas that we are concerned, rightly, to make the most of, to support as they deserve and with positive effects for the whole region».

«We are talking about a real new product of tourism in the Marches – Scaramucci explained – The five districts have come together to promote themselves and to gain critical mass by presenting a single brand from a very varied territory. We want to collaborate with the Region, Atim and the Chamber of Commerce to present ourselves as a new cluster of the Marche mountains to the other regions that are already discovering us and why not also abroad. There are territories which, thanks to their beauty, are building a new economy and new prospects for our young people. We must continue on this path: from the sea to the mountains, all together we can truly build the Marches of the future».


The planned work actions are the following:
A) Structuring a single brand together with the Marche Region tourism and internationalization agency, and Marche Outdoor in line with the Marche Region policy which stimulates the creation of a single regional brand for tourism promotion.
B) Promote network projects in the gastronomic field Today the tourist competition is on a large scale and what was once the Cinderella has the ambition to become a good practice on a national scale. We will start from the gastronomy, and from the promotion of a true excellence of the Marche region, the truffle. The precious tuber will be present in some promotional and widespread events that the mountain districts will launch in the next summer season up to autumn, the golden moment for the truffle.
C) Start a collaboration with the Michelin-starred Chefs, who will be present in the Marche Mountain Huts for ad hoc events, in line with the tourism promotion policy of Atim and Marche Outdoor.
D) Digitize the tourist offer of the districts in a single portal (#lamontagnadellemarche) in such a way as to create a critical mass and be more present on the web at an international level e.participate in the next promotional appointments dedicated to tourism (from the Ttg of Rimini to the Bit of Milan) up to being present in a more structured way also in some international appointments.
The general objective will be to enhance and promote the mountain tourist offer in all seasons of the year to an Italian public but increasingly also to an international public. Among the collaborations already underway there are Ski Clubs, amateur sports associations (trekking, cycling, hiking and others), Cral, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies from various parts of Italy. The mountains of the Marches offer a variety of activities, attractions and experiences, from trekking excursions to cycling routes during the summer, from skiing to snowshoeing during the winter, from activities for children or adults.


It should be remembered that in 2022 the Marche Region granted grants of over 2.7 million euros to 204 beneficiary companies located in the Municipalities falling within the ski areas of the Marche Region. A further 800,000 euros are awaiting the state release and will be used for emergency support to businesses in the tourism-accommodation sector in the relevant Municipalities and to businesses that carry out activities in the field of cableway installations due to the lack of snow “Apennine emergency” in period 1 November-15 January 2023 and integration of resources for refreshments relating to periods of forced closure due to covid and to mitigate the crisis due to the rise in energy sources. The decree for the disbursement of a good 30 million euros in favor of companies operating cableway and artificial snow systems, thermal establishments and tourist-accommodation companies which carry out their activities in the municipalities located within the of the ski areas of the Apennine ridge. Finally, there have always been regulatory gaps in the sector that the Acquaroli junta is taking steps to fill: in the meantime, with the Dgr 840/21 it has given an organizational tool and the regulatory references that have allowed companies to participate in the covid tenders and which will allow them to participate to the state tender “refreshments from lack of snow”.

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