The great doubt of Alessadro Lequio about the birth of his granddaughter

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The birth of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón continues to bring headaches to her main protagonists. This week TEN MINUTES tells you EXCLUSIVELY the main reason why the relationship between Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio, which has always been excellent, is experiencing a difficult time is the birth of her granddaughter. And it is that, as this magazine has learned from sources in the most intimate environment of the Italian, he never agreed with the plans of her ex-partner, but he was unable to dissuade her.
Faced with the impossibility of making him change his mind, the collaborator of ‘El programa Ana Rosa’ decided to stay on the sidelines and remain silent. When he broke the news, he revealed on his program that he knew everything and that he was going to opt for silence. However, just a day later, visibly upset by all the reports on the subject, he made it clear that they are telling me things that I was not aware of.
Well, now the collaborators of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ have shed more light on the things that the Italian count was not aware of and that would have bothered him about Ana Obregón.
Apparently, the great unknown of Alessandro Lequio is about the genetic load of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. And it is that, according to what they say in the program, the collaborator would have accompanied his son to a clinic to make that sperm donation in 2019. But apparently the genetic load they are talking about now comes from the United States, hence their doubts .
His change of position comes from things he was unaware of, which is why he changed his criteria, says Miguel Ángel Nicolás. For her part, Marisa Martin-Blázquez quickly joins in to reveal what happened on set with the journalist who obtained the exclusive from Ana Obregón: She asked Sandra Aladro that day, she said: ‘Do you know if the genetic material came from the hospital where my child was treated? He has gone directly there?.
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