Terrible accident in Ficarazzi, car off the road, serious 6-year-old boy

The mother driving the vehicle, in shock, reported that it was a dark-colored car that caused her to lose control: investigations are underway

A near tragedy along state road 113, in the stretch between Ficarazzi and Bagheria: yesterday afternoon, around 1pm, a car carrying a thirty-five-year-old woman and her two children aged 6 and 2 skidded frightfully, ending up against the Chapel of Our Lady of the Bridge. The older of the two children was rescued by the 118 health workers and hospitalized in Intensive Care at the Children’s Hospital. The mother and younger daughter were also taken to the hospital but are not in serious condition.
Probable pirated car
According to the first reconstructions, still ongoing, it seems that the motorist has lost control of the vehicle for reasons yet to be ascertained. Under an evident state of shock, the woman reported that a dark-colored car would have cut her the road forcing her to make a sharp swerve.
Help from video surveillance systems
Municipal police officers intervened on the spot and carried out the findings to clarify the dynamics of the accident. Investigators have seized images taken by some cameras that may have taken over this alleged motorist who may have caused the accident. The images taken by the video surveillance systems of a service area located right on the 113 state road and of the nearby cemetery which may have framed the passage of the vehicle at a time compatible with the crash are also being examined.

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