Quilpué: They arrest a man with weapons and drugs valued at 55 million

Detectives belonging to the Concón Robbery Investigation Brigade of the Chilean Investigative Police arrested a subject identified with the initials J.A.B.I. (47) for the crimes of violation of Law 20,000 and the Arms Control Law.
According to what was reported by the deputy head of the specialized unit of the PDI, sub-prefect Carlos Zumarán, the arrest was made after a citizen complaint that the accused had fired several shots inside his home, which is located in the Piloto Pardo de Quilpué population.
With this background, the civil police officers obtained an entry and search warrant for the property, from which they seized a pistol shotgun, a blank revolver, 11 cannabis sativa plants and 9 kilos in the drying process of the same drug, illegal substance valued at more than 55 million pesos.
By instruction of the Public Ministry, the detainee was made available to the Quilpué Guarantee Court to be formalized, an instance in which the precautionary measures that will weigh against him for the aforementioned crimes will be informed.

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