Pregnant with Neymar, Bruna Biancardi makes an outburst and exposes the fear she is feeling

The influencer Bruna Biancardi gave more details about her pregnancy after she and Neymar announced that they are expecting a child. The football player’s girlfriend told how the couple is feeling and confessed that she is afraid to expose details of her pregnancy on social networks. “Passing by to thank you for all your beautiful messages about this new phase for me. My first child, I am very happy. I’m pregnant. I know you’re curious, but, well, I don’t know how much I’m going to share in this new phase, let’s go little by little because there are a lot of people who like us here [on the internet], but there are so many bad people who don’t deserve to know about this phase so incredible what we are going through. I’m sharing little by little, what I felt comfortable with ”, declared Bruna in Instagram stories.
The couple discovered the pregnancy some time ago, but the news only became public on Tuesday, the 18th. for our friends,” he said. Bruna also explained that she was absent from social networks because of the symptoms she had at the beginning of her pregnancy. “In the beginning, it makes me very sleepy, very hungry, very nauseous. I wasn’t able to do my things, I wasn’t able to train, I wasn’t able to do anything in the beginning. I was more still, getting quieter and now I can start doing things again”, commented the influencer, who went back to studying French. Finally, Bruna also said that it is already possible to know the sex of the baby, but she and the Paris Saint-Germain player, who is already the father of Davi Lucca, decided to wait.

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