Merche apologizes for the mistake that we will see at the next ‘Tu cara me suena’ gala: I’m not cool at all

As every Friday, the new gala for the tenth season of ‘Your face sounds familiar’ awaits us this coming week, but we already know who will be the main protagonist of this week’s program. Apparently, Merche will take center stage at the gala, something that Atresplayer Premium subscribers have already been able to verify, since they can see the formats in advance.

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Now, that’s not the news, but that these viewers have already been able to see a mistake that Merche herself has had to clarify. The aforementioned artist will put herself in the shoes of Ana Mena this week to interpret the song ‘Quiero decirte’ with Abraham Mateo, and it seems that her performance will be more than identical. In fact, many of those who have already seen the gala indicate that this performance could have been carried out with playback.

That is why Merche has used her Twitter profile to clarify the situation: Nobody does playback, what happens is that the choirs are tremendously strong. On this matter, the singer adds the following: I hallucinate, the truth is, I’m not cool at all. In response to another user, she insists that it is a technical error: The contestants do not record choirs. They are always the original choruses, only this time they are so loud that they don’t let my voice be heard, she commented. The man who did the mixing didn’t have a good day and I’m sorry, added the participant.

Nobody does Playback, what happens is that the choirs are tremendously strong and I hallucinate, honestly, I’m not cool at all 🤦 🏽‍♀️

— Merche (@MercheOficial) April 22, 2023

Finally, Merche has also taken the opportunity to say that later on she will show the rehearsals with the sound that was heard on the set because she, like herself, has nothing to do with it.

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