In Ortezzano the Certamen Latinum restarts, Piermarini: «Cultural bridge with Lungavilla»

by Antonietta Vitali

The cultural tradition is renewed in Ortezzano. Yesterday, in fact, the day was marked by the Certamen Latinum which therefore returns to enrich the country, culturally but not only. “An opportunity – declared the mayor of Ortezzano Carla Piermarini – this restart of the Certamen, to establish collaborative relationships between us, with our Giuseppe Carboni, and the Municipality of Lungavilla (Pavia), represented by the mayor Carla Beccaria and the city birthplace of Professor Giuseppe Campanini, relationships aimed at creating a cultural bridge between the two communities of origin of the two co-authors of the famous Latin-Italian dictionary Campanini Carboni».

When the two Latin scholars met in Rome, they immediately gave life to the project of creating a Latin dictionary which was printed for the first time in 1911 and which is still in use. Since 2002, the Municipality of Ortezzano has celebrated its illustrious and literate fellow citizen with the Certamen competition which puts the participating students in front of a Latin translation. The XVIII edition was held on Saturday 22nd April and was followed by the awarding of the winning students on the morning of Sunday 23rd, who were:

For the fifth grade 

1st Pietro Marziali of the A. Caro Classical High School in Fermo 

2nd Sara Catinari of the G. Leopardi Classical High School in Macerata 

3rd Tommaso Bruni of the Liceo Classico A. Caro of Fermo


For fourth graders

1st Giulia Properzi of the G. Leopardi Classical High School in Macerata 

2nd Ilaria Pavoni of the G. Leopardi Classical High School in Macerata 

3rd Marzia Valentini of the Liceo Classico A. Caro of Fermo


The students took the translation test by working on a text of St. Jerome proposed by the commission and which was illustrated by  Professor Giuseppe Flammini, Latinist and professor at the University of Macerata. The president of the Province of Fermo Michele Ortenzi declared that he too used the famous dictionary during his high school years, acknowledging as «very appreciable the choice to celebrate a personality of the caliber of Giuseppe Carboni through a competition that makes protagonists young high school students from different territories».

The President of Marca Fermana, Luca Pezzani, remarked how «it is extremely important to promote all the cultural excellences that small businesses express so that the story of an entire territory becomes increasingly interesting». The thanks of the mayor Carla Piermarini was addressed to, in addition to the deputy mayor Erika Acciarri present at the ceremony, to the entire municipal administration, to all the institutions that sponsored and financed the Certamen, to professor Giuseppe Flammini, to Dr. Marilena Talamonti responsible for the library service of the G. Carboni Municipal Library, to Dr. Beatrice Screpanti, secretariat of the Commission of selection. Piermarini also conveyed the greetings of Don Tarcisio Chiurchiù of the Theological Institute of the Marches and of Professor Patrizia Morelli, from whom he read a short article on the importance of Carboni for Latin studies in Italy, published in the prestigious journal of classical culture “Atene and Rome”.

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