I wish you speedy freedom: The controversial message that L-Gante sent to an imprisoned drug trafficker

Elián Ángel Valenzuela -better known as L-Gante- is once again immersed in a new legal scandal. On this occasion, the cumbia 420 singer was mentioned on Thursday at the hearing in a case linked to eight members of the Los Monos narco gang. I wish you speedy freedom, you know, cousin, at the touch. Cumbia 420 pa’ los negros, was the first message that L-Gante sent to Cristian Nicolás Pupito Avalle – imprisoned in the Ezeiza prison and accused of two murders in December 2022 plus a shooting on the Grupo Televisión Litoral channel. Take tusi and descoca. Take mari, and she’s crazy, he sang in another message of approximately 30 seconds. For you, Pupito. From L-Ghent. Cumbia 420 pa ‘los negros, the Argentine singer -who was leaked an intimate photo with one of his dancers- closed his audio. Also read L-Gante and Daniela from Big Brother: the scandalous back and forth between the singer and the reality star

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