Brav-M: the demonstrator who had denounced racist violence and insults, arrested during a demonstration this Friday

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The young man was arrested this Friday, April 14. At the end of March, he had filed a complaint after having denounced a sexual assault and racist remarks made by members of the Brav-M.

His name is Souleymane A. The man who had denounced the racist and violent attitude of members of the Brav-M in March, was arrested on Friday April 14 during a Parisian demonstration.

The young man was arrested rue du Chevalier-de-Saint-George, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris according to information from BFM. The young man was next to two individuals who were about to set fire to a trash can, when he was arrested. They were all taken into custody for destruction of property by fire.

Contacted by BFM, his lawyer, Arié Alimi, assures that his client disputes the facts. According to him, a video proves that he did not participate in the charges against him.

Racist remarks and sexual assault

On March 20, the man was arrested along with six other demonstrators by members of Brav-M on the sidelines of a demonstration. He had reported racial slurs and sexual assault against her. A recording of their exchanges had been widely broadcast by several media.

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The prefect of police Laurent Nunez had announced that he had seized the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) after the broadcast of the audio recording. The accused police officers pleaded physical and moral fatigue, according to internal reports consulted by AFP.

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