Administrative 2023, in Barghe there is only Giovanni Battista Guerra again

Once again there is only him, no one challenges him. And so Giovanni Battista Guerra is preparing to wear the tricolor band of mayor of Barghe for the third time in a row.

The only thing to beat is the quorum, 40% plus one of its voters will have to go to the polls. A challenge that is actually not so obvious, given the constant disaffection that is recorded even in the small village of Valsabbia. In 2013, 64.9% of eligible voters turned up at the polls, at the last regional elections they fell to 48%. The administrative ones certainly have a greater appeal, but it will not be taken for granted. The first to be aware of this is precisely Guerra, “I say to my fellow villagers: come to the polls and vote for us, then (as always) come and complain, report the problems and what is wrong”, so he said during the “Election Special” in aired on Teletutto and hosted by Fabio Gafforini; some questions were asked by Ubaldo Vallini, historical correspondent from Valsabbia and, therefore, a profound connoisseur of the area.

The decision

How did you decide to apply again? «I have to admit – explained Guerra – that I thought about it for a long time. I hoped until the end that someone else would decide to get involved, to challenge me. But even though the days went by, no name emerged, so I didn’t know if there would be a candidate or not. At this point I decided out of a sense of responsibility towards my community». And again, “many construction sites open in the country, I’m running again for a third term to finish what I started”.

The mayor underlines how the list supporting him is in the name of renewal. “There are many young people – he explained -, young people who want to put their passion into play and want to do for Barghe, a list that therefore looks to the future”. And the cycle path? Vallini asked him. «It is a very complex project – he replied -, but there is the firm will to complete it».

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