2023 tax return: this new feature that could make you win big

SummaryDeadlineHow to do it online?How to do it on paper?Form 2042First tax returnCorrect[Updated April 12, 2023 at 6:10 a.m.] The online reporting campaign will be launched this Thursday, April 13. And this year, a novelty should particularly attract the attention of all taxpayers who massively use their vehicle to get to their place of work. Because indeed, it could save you a hell of a lot of money. In 2023, the mileage allowance scale is increased by 5.4%. That is a saving of more than 100 euros for a single person who earns 2,900 euros according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance with AFP. Two million people are affected by this novelty. To have all the information, in detail, on this revaluation, click: here. What is the deadline for the 2023 tax return? To avoid taking any risks, take care to fill it in correctly and check each information pre-filled by the tax authorities. Some mistakes can cost you dearly. Here is the complete calendar, with the deadlines for completing your declaration and returning it to the tax authorities, department by department. May 22, 2023: paper declaration (only if you do not have an Internet connection at home) 01 to 19 June 1, 2023: departments no. 20 to 548 June 2023: departments no. 55 to 974/976 The deadlines must not be exceeded under penalty of financial penalty. Real costs Real estate income Capital gains Movable income Tax household situation Other income Pensions / Retirement Income from abroad Salaries / Income How do I file my tax return online? For 10 years now, the tax authorities have been in charge of pre-filling your declaration tax thanks to the information at its disposal such as the amount of your salary, your retirement pension or your unemployment benefits. Proof of its democratization, in 2021, more than 11 million taxpayers had benefited from it. But then, how do you know if you can benefit from this automatic tax return? It is offered to tax households that were taxed last year only on income pre-filled by the administration. If you made an online declaration in 2022, an email should be sent to you with the possibility of checking all your information from your private space. On the contrary, if you declared your income in paper version last year, a letter will be sent to you with the new tax declaration and all the necessary documents presenting this new automatic declaration device to you. extremely to the point of this service, we advise you to check all the information that the tax authorities have sent to you. In the best case, everything is correct, you don’t have to do anything more, your tax return will be automatically validated, that’s the principle. However, it may happen that small typos slip into your declaration, or that certain information must be modified. We naturally think of a tax credit, the declaration of actual expenses or professional expenses such as mileage. If a change is required, you will need to complete and sign your tax return as usual. As a reminder, don’t wait any longer to complete your tax return if you plan to opt for the paper return! How do I file my tax return on paper? You must declare your income to the tax department each year if you live in France. In 2023, online reporting is mandatory if your home is connected to the internet. Otherwise, you can use a form. You benefit from additional time if you file your declaration online. If your situation has not changed in 2022, you may be exempted from making this declaration, it will be made automatically by the taxes.In 2023, you can declare your income on paper form if you are in one of the following situations:Your main residence does not have internet accessIt is equipped with internet access, but you are not unable to make your declaration onlineBefore signing your declaration, you must check the information provided and, if necessary, correct and complete it. You must attach supporting documents to your paper declaration only if they are documents drawn up by you. We advise you to keep the supporting documents for 3 years in case of a request from the administration. When will form 2042 be available for my tax return in 2023? To complete your tax return in paper format, the tax administration puts at your disposal, online on the impots.gouv.fr website, in PDF format, the basic Form 2042 to declare your income. You will also find on the site all the additional forms for declaring certain additional income. This document will be available from April 6 until April 25, 2023. Income tax 2023: date, simulation, calculation and scale TAX ON INCOME. The payment of income tax is based on a scale of 5 brackets, established according to your salary. Reimbursement, withholding tax, simulation… We tell you everything. 25 tips and tricks for your actual expenses before the tax declaration Each year, in the tax declaration, you can choose to deduct the amount of your actual expenses. A maneuver that can be financially interesting but tedious requiring meticulousness and attention. Is it viable for you, how to do it? Here are our tips to see more clearly. How do you know if you are liable for income tax? Who says declaration of your income means that the tax authorities will determine if you are liable for tax. How to simulate it? How to calculate it yourself? We answer your questions. How to declare your taxes for the first time? From your 18 years, if you are not or no longer attached to the tax household of your parents, you must complete a tax return under certain conditions. You can declare your income on the impots.gouv.fr website if you have received a letter from the tax authorities with the information necessary for the online declaration. In this case, you must create your particular space online with the tax number and the access number provided. Click on your private space to create your account and let yourself be guided. You must choose a password and enter a reference tax income equal to 0. How do I modify my tax return? CorrectAbove all, don’t rush. Remember to double check all the information on your tax return before sending it to the tax authorities! Before your assigned deadline, no problem! You can correct your declaration as many times as you wish. Afterwards, things get complicated. However, the rectification of your online tax return after the filing deadline will automatically result in the publication of a new tax notice which will be sent to you after the usual deadlines. You can also correct your declaration online, after receipt at the end of July of your tax notice following the declaration filed and signed before the filing deadline.This possibility of online correction is available in your Espace Particulier on www.impots.gouv.fr from the beginning of August. The correction should also be available from August 2023 for the next tax declaration. This online correction service is also offered to users who have benefited from automatic declaration. For a tax return in paper format, you can inform your public finance center (personal tax department), either by mail, mentioning only the items you are requesting correction, or by filing a new paper tax return. Do not forget to indicate on the first page CORRECTIVE, CANCELED AND REPLACED DECLARATION and to re-enter all the elements that you must declare, including those of the first declaration which were correct.

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